Kimberly's Magickal LLC

Created with Divine Energy and Blessed by the Light of the Moon 

Kimberly Manners

Owner of Kimberly's Magickal
Psychic Reader/Medium

Kimberly Manners is an international medium, psychic reader and teacher who connects and holds the space for very loving and supportive energies.  Her clients enjoy seeing her in person as well as connecting with her live via telephone, Skype, FaceTime and Facebook Video Messenger.  Phone readings are just as effective as in-person readings as she is honored to connect with your loving guides.  

Services and Magick

Services offered with love and blessings

Readings, Connections, Classes and Creations

-Psychic and Medium Readings: Connecting with loved ones on the other side.  Messages from loved ones can offer support and guidance with your present experiences.  No one truly dies.  Our loved one’s souls' transition to a higher vibration where they receive more knowledge and are filled with pure love.  And, that knowledge and love is there for you!  

-Spirit Guide Connections:  You will be invited on a journey to meet and speak with one of your Spirit Guides.  This enables you to continue connections with more Spirit Guides on a daily basis.

-Private Magick Classes: Elemental Magick, Tarot, Spell Casting, Rituals, and more!

-Magickal Creations:  Spells with supplies and directions for manifesting your personal desires with the help of your own energy.  Manifestation ideas:  Love, Money, Healing, Peace, Job.  You are limitless!

Highest Potential

My desire is to provide the knowledge and tools for each person to reach their own highest potential while bringing in positive outcomes for all. Everyone holds magick inside themselves to be the best that they can be!

Love and Blessings,

Magickal Kimberly